The London Court of International Arbitration
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The London Court of International Arbitration

26th February 2011

The London Court of International Arbitration

The LCIA is one of the world’s leading international institutions for commercial dispute resolution. The LCIA provides efficient, flexible and impartial administration of arbitration and other ADR proceedings, regardless of location, and under any system of law. The international nature of the LCIA’s services is reflected in the fact that, typically, over 80% of parties in pending LCIA cases are not of English nationality. Read more...

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Recent news

LCIA Arbitration Rules roadshow events in Canada and USA
In early October, the LCIA’s Director General, Dr Jacomijn (Jackie) van Haersolte-van Hof, finished the final leg in a series of roadshow events that were held in Toronto, New York, Washington DC, Houston and Miami. Read more...
New LCIA Arbitration Rules - effective 1 October 2014
The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) is pleased to announce that the new LCIA Arbitration Rules came into effect on 1 October 2014.

´╗┐´╗┐Richard Hill joins the LCIA Board of Directors
“We are delighted to welcome Richard to the LCIA Board of Directors. Having practiced as international arbitration counsel for almost two decades in North America, Europe and Asia, and with his present responsibility for managing Shell’s global dispute resolution in many parts of the world, Richard brings to the board a unique understanding of the requirements of the LCIA’s most important stakeholders. I have no doubt that he will provide great leadership in helping the institution to deliver the gold standard service to which we aspire” says J William Rowley QC, Chairman of the LCIA Board of Directors. Read more...


International offices

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