The London Court of International Arbitration

Membership of the LCIA Users' Councils

26th February 2011

Membership of the LCIA Users' Councils

The LCIA's dispute resolution services are available to all contracting parties, without any membership requirements.

However, in addition to those services, the LCIA does have a general membership for which it organises a worldwide programme of conferences, seminars and other events of interest to the arbitration and ADR community. This general membership is organised into Users' Councils, which have been established to provide and maintain its worldwide services and to meet the developing needs of the business community.

Currently, the Users' Councils have more than 1,900 members from over 80 countries.

The LCIA Users' Councils are:

African Users' Council
Arab Users' Council
Asia Pacific Users' Council
European Users' Council
Latin American and Caribbean Users' Council
North American Users' Council

Each Council has its own officers and devises its own programme of activity appropriate to the needs of the region. Members may elect to which Council they wish to join. All members receive advance notice of all events arranged by the LCIA, irrespective of the Users' Council to which they are attached.

Membership of LCIA Users' Councils is open to any person or body of good standing with a bona fide interest in international commercial arbitration or ADR, including lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, experts, academics, businessmen, law firms and commercial and trading organisations.